Shenandoah County is a strongly Republican county, with our nominees typically carrying 65% or more of the vote in state and federal elections. As such, we have many elected officials we count as our own! Click below for links to our GOP officials at the local, state, and federal levels.

Constitutional Officers

Shenandoah County has five Constitutional Officers, who are elected officials required by the Commonwealth’s Constitution. Although some forms of local government allow for the abolition of some of these offices, Shenandoah County has a traditional form of government with the following officials elected by the voters of the County: Clerk of the Circuit Court, Treasurer, Commissioner of Revenue, Sheriff, and Commonwealth’s Attorney. At present two of the five offices are held by Republicans. All of these officers serve four-year terms that are up for election in the year prior to presidential elections, with the exception of the Clerk of Court, which serves an eight-year term.

Office Name Next Election Website
Sheriff Tim Carter 2019 Sheriff's Website
Commissioner of Revenue Kathy Black 2019 Commissioner's Website


Board of Supervisors

Shenandoah County has a six-member board of Supervisors. Each Supervisor represents a District consisting of one to three precincts. As of this writing, two of six seats on the Board are held by Republicans. Below is a list of the Supervisors with their Districts and Precincts. Supervisors serve staggered terms, with three up for election in the year before Presidential elections and three elected the year following Presidential elections. For complete contact information visit their website here.

District Supervisor Next Election Precincts
District One Dick Neese 2017 Orkney Springs and New Market
District Two Steve Baker 2019 Mt. Jackson and Conicville

General Assembly Delegation


Senator Mark Obenshain (R), District 26


Senator’s Website

Delegate Todd Gilbert (R), 15th District


Delegate’s Website

U.S. House of Representatives


Representative Bob Goodlatte (R), 6th District of Virginia



Congressman’s Website

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